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PhotoMod is a part of my project that I have been working with for the course Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps at the University of London.

In this app you will be able to make your own Facebook app where the user can add tints and overlays to their pictures by uploading it from their computers, smartphones or tablets and then save it to your Photos on Facebook.

The app requires a Facebook account and should be run only on Facebook, even thought you can run it through the webserver too, but for best performance, it should be run through Facebook.

The most important files in the application is:


You can download the source-files here:
You can test the application here:

About Ahmed Ziadi

Ahmed is a student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I will be writing mostly about my thoughts from daily life, reviews about a great movie or software/app that I really like or even maybe a product I can’t live without. You will even be reading about some of the projects I work with and/or that I want to work with.


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